Austin’ New Flow Control Body

Engineered according to customers’ specifications and designed for optimum payload and ease of maintenance, Austin’s range of Westech, Jec and Ultima truck bodies have become better in the field.

Austin Engineering’s latest innovative design, the Flow Control Body, was born over the last decade in Casper WY, USA, after responding to their customer’s needs to provide a solution for their coal hauling application. Courtesy of: Austin

Austin utilizes new technologies in steel so that they can present a low cost per tonne truck body. Engineered solutions deliver high-quality manufacturing while maximizing fleet capabilities and lowering operating costs.

Austin’s latest design, the Flow Control Body, was born over the last decade in Casper WY, USA, after responding to their customer’s needs to provide a solution for their coal hauling application. The Flow Control Body is built to suit all truck brands and models in combo, coal, or overburden designs.

“By developing an in-house engineering solution to redesign the floor at different angles we were able to ensure the centre of gravity remains in front of the rear axle during material discharge,” says Brad Higgins, Austin Engineering Sales and Business Development Manager – Asia Pacific Region.

The patented floor design prevents material surge which generates a high level of dust. This design increases the stability of the truck by eliminating the lift of the front axles, resulting in safer operation. The outcome is a smooth, non-stopping offload to let the material dump in a uniform fashion thereby reducing excessive dust and also increasing the longevity of the body.

The outcome has met customer requirements and presented additional benefits of improved operator safety, crusher efficiency, lift cylinder life, body life and effective dust control. It also significantly minimizes carry back thereby improving efficiency and managing costs.

“The Flow Control Body design comes with years of experience, trials and tests. The design work and ingenuity that has gone into the new Austin Ultima Flow Control Body is phenomenal and we are seeing excellent results,” says Brad.

Engineered and built to suit customers’ application requirements across a range of commodities and materials, Austin’s Westech, Jec and Ultima truck bodies deliver the goods when it comes to capacity, lifespan and ease of maintenance. Customizing the body to increase payload whilst adhering to Oem specifications is what their engineering team specializes in. With advanced software technology, including Edem and Ansys, they develop products to match the theory of their design models.

The Westech branded range of truck bodies, engineered and manufactured by Austin globally, offers reduced operating costs due to their life span which is designed for the life of truck service. The replaceable linings, while still using the original body structure, offers great lifetime value.

The design team has also factored in modular manufactured build that offers the benefits of ease of transport to site and lower cost as well as final assembly on the customer site.

Brad says, “The brilliance of our engineers coupled with the ingenuity of our design team has delivered a superior product to suit the latest Oem chassis specifications with a deep connection to our customer’s requirements on site.”

With the view of improving payload and reducing overall operation costs, the Jec’s lighter bodyweight and modular design features a skeletal frame which complements the ground-breaking replaceable floor. The replaceable floor eliminates the need for the heavy and maintenance-intensive wear liner plates, with the long-term benefit being less time spent on replacing the full liner package. Individual models comply with Oem specifications.

The Ultima Dump Truck Body is lighter and stronger than Oem bodies and translates to a proven 10-15% weight saving without sacrificing payload. The array of features of this design includes reduction in carry back by means of curved transition plates between the front wall, sides and floor; and the body carries a greater payload and delivers the lowest cost per tonne in the world market due to its lightweight design. The Ultima is available in both “straight floor” or “flow control combo” and meets all Oem specifications.

Source: Austin

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