Claas Renews 400 Tractors Range To Meet the Stage V Emissions Standard

The Arion 400 range of tractors from Claas have been given a makeover to mark the introduction of the Stage V emissions standard– a new design, a new top-of-the-range model, and Claas Power Management to boost power in the Arion 440 and above. What’s more, this model range now benefits from more hydraulic power, more lift capacity, and a higher gross vehicle weight.

Courtesy of: Claas

Up to 155 hp with CPM

Claas has equipped its Arion 400 tractors with a range of new performance-enhancing features to mark the introduction of the Stage V emissions standard. The series now includes seven models ranging from 90 to 155 hp maximum output with Cpm in accordance with Ece R120. This means that with Cpm, the new flagship model, the Arion 470, delivers a maximum output of up to 155 hp and 631 Nm maximum torque.

All models from the smallest Arion 410 right up to the most powerful Arion 470 are equipped with 4.5 l four-cylinder Fiat Powertrain engines which incorporate the latest 4-valve technology and turbochargers with intercooling. Turbochargers from the Arion 430 upwards are also fitted with a wastegate. The Stage V aftertreatment system cleans the exhaust gases using an effective combination of SCRoF technology (Selected Catalytic Reduction on Filter) and a diesel oxidation catalytic converter (DOC). This means that the engines not only run cleanly, but are still highly efficient, with low diesel and low AdBlue consumption. A fuel tank with a capacity of 140 to 190 l is enough for long working days, while the 17 to 22 l AdBlue tank needs refilling only with every second refuelling.

All engines are extremely maintenance-friendly too; with a 600-hour oil change interval, radiator panels that pivot forwards for easy cleaning and an air filter mounted in front for easy access that needs only occasional cleaning since the cyclonic pre-cleaner removes around 90% of the dirt from the intake air.

Efficient powershift transmission

From the Arion 430 upwards, purchasers can choose between two proven, highly efficient powershift transmissions. The Quadrishift (standard in the Arion 410 and Arion 420) offers 16 forward and 16 reverse gears, split into four ranges each with four powershift speeds. The optional Hexashift transmission has six powershift speeds and 24 forward and reverse gears. A creep gear option down to 150 m/h is available for both transmission variants. The Hexashift achieves the top speed of 40 km/h at 1840 rpm.

With the Quadractive and Hexactive auto-shift function, both transmissions can be shifted automatically by pre-selecting either powershift speeds only (field mode) or both powershift speeds and ranges (road mode), which automatically selects the right powershift speed when range shifting. Within the transmission settings, there are three auto-shift modes (fully automatic, Pto mode and manual mode) which the operator can program to suit the job in hand. The auto-shift function is available for Arion 400 tractors with the Class Informations System (Cis).

The Revershift clutchless reverser enables easy direction changing using the shuttle lever on the steering wheel console and optionally also via the multifunction control lever on the right-hand armrest – particularly handy for front loader work. In the Cis, the operator can easily program the right gears for turning manoeuvres during front loader work or at the headland, as well as the start-up gear for manual or automatic shifting to suit individual requirements. The responsiveness of the reverser can also be adjusted in nine stages. With the Hexactive auto-shift function, it is also possible to program the cruise control speed.

Smart Stop it another convenient function designed to lighten the workload. It automatically disengages the transmission when the brake is pressed to bring the tractor to a standstill, and automatically re-engages it in the programmed start-up gear when the brake pedal is released.

Courtesy of: Claas

Compact, agile and robust

The Arion 400 combines the benefits of a long wheelbase of 2.49 m (Arion 410 and Arion 420) or 2.53 m (Arion 430 – Arion 470) with a short overall length. Together with a front wheel steering angle of up to 55 degrees, this ensures exceptional manoeuvrability – assisted by a new steering angle-dependent automatic four-wheel-drive and the optional variable steering ratio. Despite its compact dimensions, the robustly redesigned tractor guarantees safe transport of attached implements and exceptional stability for front loader work. This is partly down to its static 50:50 weight distribution without ballast.

The gross vehicle weight has now been increased to 9.0 t, permitting payloads of up to 3.8 t. The new optional load sensing pump delivers a 150 l/min hydraulic output, which is enough to meet the most demanding consumers. Even at a fuel-saving 1600 rpm, it delivers an output of 110 l/min. This makes four pump options available in total from two open-centre hydraulic circuits delivering 60 and 100 l/min via a load sensing hydraulic system with an output of 110 l/min. Both load sensing versions also offer increased lift capacity at the rear of 6.25 t.

The fully integrated front linkage and factory-fitted front loaders are also a major plus point. Both can be conveniently controlled by the multifunction control lever, with the option of controlling the front loader by Electropilot (Cis or Cis+) or Flexpilot. So no need to keep repositioning your hand. The responsiveness of the Electropilot can now be adjusted to suit the driver. And the new automatic front loader detection system saves having to manually switch hydraulic functions.

Courtesy of: Claas

Made-to-measure comfort

Just like its predecessors, the new Arion 400 can be configured in diverse ways to suit customer requirements and applications. Proactiv front axle suspension, mechanical two-point cab suspension and various seating options are available to further increase driver comfort. Both the front and rear linkage and the Claas front loaders are also equipped with vibration damping.

Furthermore, in addition to the standard high-profile cab with glass roof or transparent sunroof, the Arion 400 can now be configured with a low-profile cab or the groundbreaking Panoramic cab as an option.  The latter offers all-round visibility in this tractor class as well as an unrestricted view of raised front loader implements, thanks to a continuous 2.41 m² windscreen. Doors with a wide opening angle mean the driver can step up and down from the cab in comfort and safety. A 5-pillar cab with shatter-proof polycarbonate side window designed especially for municipal work is available for some models. An Led lighting package is optionally available for all cab variants.

The standard cab equipment can be upgraded with the Cis and Cis+ packages. Both packages include the 14 functions of the multi-function control lever in the right-hand armrest and a job monitor in the right-hand A-pillar, which in the Cis+ version comes with a high-contrast Cis display as standard (optional for the Cis version). The Cis+ version also features electrohydraulic control circuits. The Claas Sequence Management headland management system is also included with the Cis+ version.

Factory-fitted steering system

All Stage V Arion 400 tractors can be factory-fitted with a Claas Gps steering system which is controlled via the S7 terminal and shown on the screen. Various Rtk correction signals can be selected in addition to Satcor and Omnistar. Auto Turn performs turning manoeuvres at the headland fully automatically when enabled by the driver.

With Isobus terminals, it is also possible to control Isobus-enabled implements via an Isobus socket optionally provided at the rear. Up to four freely assignable function buttons offer a level of user friendliness unique in this class and are ideal for use with Isobus.

The Arion 400 series at a glance:

Model ARION 410 ARION 420 ARION 430 ARION 440 ARION 450 ARION 460 ARION 470
Engine FPT 4.5 l 4-cylinder, Stage V-compliant
Rated output 90 hp 100 hp 115 hp 115 hp 125 hp 135 hp 145 hp
Max. output with CPM 125 hp 135 hp 145 hp 155 hp
Max. torque 405 Nm 434 Nm 505 Nm 539 Nm 573 Nm 615 Nm 631 Nm
Transmission QUADRISHIFT 16/16; opt. creep gear QUADRISHIFT 16/16 or HEXASHIFT 24/24; optional creep gear
Wheelbase 2.49 m 2.53 m
Unladen weight 4.8 t 5.2 – 5.3 t
Gross vehicle weight 8.5 t 9 t
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