Direct line between the end user and Kohler with its new Kohler Engines CheckApp

Changes happen more rapidly now than ever before, and remote service and support are critical in the relationship with our end users. We want to increase the  level of support we provide and, considering that we manufacture high-tech products, we are called upon providing the same level of technology in aftermarket services: to do this we’ve developed the Kohler Engines CheckApp, the smartphone application for the monitoring and maintenance of Kohler engines, now enriched with a digital shop for Kohler genuine parts.

Kohler Engines CheckApp is a direct line between the end user and Kohler: gone are the days when users would find themselves alone in the field, attempting to solve problems by trial and error without any support.

Kohler Engines CheckApp provides the end user with a series of advantages which  streamline and simplify engine management compared to the past. 

It is possible to register an unlimited number of engines in order to keep track of your entire fleet of Kohler engines, making the app extremely advantageous both for end users and for hire companies. 

For each engine entered, Kohler Engines CheckApp creates a general overview of the  engine’s condition, in other words a profile which provides the engine’s characteristics and its documentation, including video tutorials which show how to replace spare parts and use and maintenance handbooks, thus creating a direct channel to Kohler’s official documentation. Eventually, Kohler Engines CheckApp offers a digital shop of genuine spare parts that can be visualized and purchased through the closest authorized dealers, directly from the app. 


Kohler Engines CheckApp users enjoy a unique discount on Kohler genuine spare parts:  20% off the first purchase, and 10% off all subsequent purchases via the app. These are the lowest prices available anywhere for the purchase of Kohler genuine spare parts. 

The user-friendly interface of the online shop provides you with a precise view of the parts required for maintenance of each individual engine, and you can purchase them by selecting which authorised distributor to use. You can then pay via PayPal directly from the app, and  receive your order at the specified address, or else collect the part and make payment at any of the official Kohler network locations specified in the app. 


After entering the engine’s serial number during the registration phase, Kohler Engines  CheckApp displays all information necessary for basic maintenance of the engine, allowing  the end user manage it in a completely independent manner. 

Kohler Engines Check App’s notification system sends information on scheduled  maintenance intervals and their expiry. 


As well as managing maintenance and ordering genuine spare parts to be delivered to the specified address, Kohler Engines CheckApp also allows you to run general diagnostics on your engine. In order to perform diagnostics on the engine status, Kohler Engines  CheckApp connects via Bluetooth to Check Plus, a device available for engines with Deutsch connector, which allows an even more precise reading of working hours to be taken, as it  communicates directly with the control unit. 

For engines without Common Rail we created Check Lite, a device that measures the  engine’s vibrations to establish the maintenance intervals, generating a series of indications which will be displayed on Kohler Engines CheckApp.


Each time you make a purchase, Kohler Engines CheckApp allows you to search the official dealers and distributors in Kohler’s service network to select one for delivery of the  purchased parts. Making use of the official network ensures you always receive genuine spare  parts. 

The app is free and avaialble now for iOS and Android.

Source: Kohler

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