Innovative features for the new Krone Big X 480/530/580/630 series

Big X 480, Big X 530, Big X 580 and Big X 630 sport new features

Having undergone a major facelift, the new Krone Big X 480/530/580/630 series models step out in style presenting the best of two worlds – tried and tested technology and innovative features. Apart from the new cab, the facelift focused on the optimised crop flow system and the move to Stage V emission standards.

New and high-comfort cab

The modified models now have a spacious cab that was sourced from the Big X 680-1180 models and is available in two levels of specification: The standard-fit Premium cab has a terminal with 8″ touchscreen and USB and camera ports. It also has a sun blind and wiper on the front window and two wipers on the side windows.

The optional Premium Comfort cab offers a leather clad steering wheel, a 12″ terminal with touchscreen and USB and camera ports, a cooled thermos box and sun blinds on the front, right and rear windows. The front window is kept clean by three wipers, the side windows by one wiper each and the rear window by one wiper, all being supplied with screen wash, ensuring operators enjoy 360-degree view of the machine and its attachments even in poor visibility conditions like rain or dust. Naturally, each cab version comes with a choice of comfort seats and halogen or LED light packages for optimum visibility at dusk or night. The package can be complemented by optional lights on the steps and service points.

BiG X 630 Einsatz Gras

OptiMaxx CornConditioner with boosted friction surface area

Excellent forage takes an excellent quality of chop.

Like the Big X 680-1180 series machines, these modified models have the new OptiMaxx CornConditioner with teeth angled at 5°. The helical cut produces a shearing effect that gives intensive conditioning not only lengthwise but also transversely. Like all Krone corn conditioners, the rollers measure 250mm in diameter as standard while roller length increased by 25% for a 25% larger friction surface area and most intensive treatment of kernels and fibres in all LOC ranges.

Available in two versions with 105/123 teeth or 123/144 teeth, the 105/123 tooth unit is ideal for medium and long LOCs whereas the 123/144 tooth conditioner is recommended for short to medium chop lengths. The speed difference is 30% as standard and 40% or 50% as an option.

Both CornConditioner versions are also available in heavy-duty specification with surfaces treated with the innovative Busa®CLAD technology for best wear protection and maximum service life in all harvest conditions.

The roller conditioner also impresses in terms of handling: The housing is mounted in heavy-duty bearings that withstand the enormous throughputs and offer exemplary ease of service and maintenance with bearings being easy to replace and pulleys easy to swap (to change over from a 30% to up to 50% speed difference). Cleaning the unit is equally straightforward thanks to large openings.

Krone Big X

Another plus point is the massive and strong spring pack that allows the rollers to exert a consistently high pressure on the material. Frictional and reliable connection is provided by a standard-fit 6-groove drive belt.

The VariQuick system allows operators to change rapidly from kernel cracking to grass conditioning for  maximum flexibility and productivity in corn, GPS or grass.

Clean engine and narrow road width

All models are powered by tried and tested MTU engines of up to 653hp and all comply with Tier 4 final (USA) and Stage 5 (EU) emission standards. Mounted sideways, the engine sits right at the back for optimum weight distribution. Efficiency and fuel economy are implemented by the direct driveline to the crop flow system. On a side note, the Big X 630 with MTU 6R 1500 engine is more powerful now (480kW/653hp).

Another strong selling point of these Big X models is their narrow transport width: Even when clad with 710/70 R42 tyres, these foragers measure only 3m in width for safe and convenient travel on public roads.

BiG X 630 in GPS Anhaeckseln

XtraPower 50 for Big X 480 and 580 

The XtraPower assistance system is a unique and world-first Krone innovation, a practical feature that brings maximum flexibility and books extra engine power into the machine depending on requirements and local harvest conditions. After the purchased machine is registered, the extra power is immediately enabled at and ready for retrieval whenever necessary. Available in 10 to 250 drum hour packages, XtraPower can only be retrieved in field work – so the extra engine power is used only on demand. No power is wasted. When no additional engine power is required, the driver selects “Pause” on the terminal and the machine returns automatically and immediately to its previous output level.

Data management included

Another standard feature on the new Big X is an easy-to-use data management system which allows operators to use Krone Smart Telematics from the customer web portal or the agrirouter, the universal data exchange hub. This way, the new Big X models meet all modern data management requirements including machine data analysis, job logging and billing.

(* P. 2: Busa®CLAD is a registered trademark of Gebrüder Busatis Gesellschaft m.b.H.)

Source: Krone-Gruppe

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