Goodyear Launches the New Radial EV-3G Tyre

The successor of the EV-3+, the EV-3G is designed and engineered to run at high-speed and operate high-loads, even in hot temperatures common in the Middle East and Africa. The new generation is responding to evolving load capacity requirements within the airport segment driven by the arrival of larger heavier planes such as the Airbus A380. Guiding the world’s biggest airliners, airport tractors are operating a total Gross Vehicle Weight of 70.000 kg. In order to guarantee a smooth and precise operation, a larger 100-level tyre in size 18.00R25 is required.

EV-3G development focused on increasing stability and comfort

The design and construction of the tyre provide a stable confident ride, suited for high load and speed conditions as well as a wide variety of temperatures.

The new EV-3G features an optimized large rectangular footprint for greater fuel economy, comfort, and mobility. The industrial range is suited for high inflation and added air retention to improve tyre life.

The oversized, high-strength bead bundle and sidewall inserts offer outstanding stability, especially in high-reach and heavy-load operations, and reduce machine sway while cornering. The robust construction provides higher resistance to puncture or snags and enables retreadability to further extend the tyre service life.

This 100-level radial, 3 star cool running tyre with a 207A5 load/speed index is built to deliver a high number of hours to removal by including a long-wearing tread cap and advanced tear resistance characteristics. The tread compound is a mix of specially formulated synthetic and natural rubber providing high resistance to cracking and low heat generation. The design is marked by a dual grooved tread pattern, a circumferential rib, and center blading for good lateral traction.

The EV-3G is now available in Europe, Middle East, and Africa in size 18.00R25, 207A5 load/speed index.

Source: Goodyear 

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