BI is up to date with the latest quality standards thanks to BSI Group South Africa

BSI (British Standards Institution) is a business standards company that equips businesses with the necessary solutions to turn best practice standards into habits of excellence. Established in 1901, BSI was the world’s first national standards body and a founding member of the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO).

It facilitates business improvement across the globe by helping its clients drive performance, manage risk and grow sustainably through the adoption of international management systems standards, many of which were originated by BSI.

Utilising the services provided by BSI affords BI the opportunity to integrate the entire scope of its required standards. It also means that management takes accountability for its overall quality system, ensuring that its policies and objectives are in place and aligned with the company’s strategy.

Valid for a period of three years, the BSI certification places a greater emphasis on senior managers becoming involved in the management system. This broader approach mitigates risk and introduces new opportunities due to documented information and a more flexible approach. The main benefits for end users are improved customer satisfaction, efficient service delivery and a greater competitive advantage in the marketplace.

“Not only are we committed to the quality of our products and services, but we also guarantee environmental compliance and the health and safety of our staff,”

comments Oliphant.

“The end result is improved operational efficiency and labour productivity that translates into increased competitiveness combined with reduced risk.”

BSI continues to support BI by communicating any updates about the relevant ISO standards and providing the necessary training on how to maintain the systems required. BI has been accredited since 2006, from quality to environmental, health and safety and corporate social responsibility.

“The benefit of such ongoing accreditation is not only confidence in the products and services we supply, but it also references the back-up support and technical expertise we are able to provide our customers,”

Oliphant concludes.

Source: NGAGE

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Giorgia Olivotto
Editor at South African HeavyQuip Magazine
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