BKT has chosen not to take part in EIMA 2021

Priority on safety. So the company has chosen not to take part in the biennial meeting in order to safeguard the health of its employees, collaborators and customers.

It is never easy to take big decisions, even more so in this 2020 where nothing is certain. It is difficult to predict how things will turn out next year, but the healthcare emergency shows no sign of easing and for this reason BKT has chosen not to take part in EIMA 2021 and to postpone face-to-face meetings until the situation improves.

Since the Covid-19 crisis exploded BKT has put all its energies into its corporate responsibility to protect its employees, collaborators and customers from all possible risks. The Indian manufacturing plants remained indeed closed in the crucial period, before rapidly resuming production as soon as the operational safety plan was activated, with all the necessary protective equipment.

Nothing matters as much as people, not even production.

“This ‘particular’ year has helped us understand several things,” says Lucia Salmaso, the CEO of BKT Europe.

“When such an unexpected situation arises, it is necessary to be humble enough to admit we don’t have all the answers, that the future cannot always be planned. We miss human contacts, as everyone does, but in this emergency, which shows no sign of abating, BKT wants to avoid every risk. It is not time to think of what we want, it is time to think of what is best for all of us.”

Lucia Salmaso CEO BKT Europe.

Owing to this sense of corporate responsibility, BKT is therefore withdrawing from EIMA 2021 and going fully digital.

Moreover, it is typical of BKT to tackle difficulties as if they were challenges and hence the Group has taken the opportunity to launch its own digital revolution, making its training available online, creating online events and now even its own TV. BKT Network is the latest innovative initiative which overcomes distances and disseminates both live and in streaming BKT’s news and updates in order to learn, have fun and keep in touch.

BKT Network

In March 2020 Lucia Salmaso stated that: “BKT is calling on its resilience”. And now, in addition, BKT is appealing to its creativity to tackle an unprecedented challenge.

But, “everything will be absolutely fine.” For now, however, we continue to protect ourselves. This is the only thing that matters.

Source: BKT Tires

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Giorgia Olivotto
Editor at South African HeavyQuip Magazine
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