Two Sany medium excavators arrive in KwaZulu-Natal

Two SANY SY335C medium excavators from Goscor Earthmoving Equipment have been delivered successfully to Wearne Quarries of KwaZulu-Natal, reports Operations Manager Murray Leith. The aggregate producer mainly supplies crushed stone for cement manufacture and will use the excavators for hard-rock excavation and loading articulated dump trucks (ADTs).

“The reason for selecting the SANY SY335C for this arduous application is not only that it is a particularly tough and robust excavator, but our analysis revealed it is the best option to meet the required production output and also deliver the lowest cost per ton,”

explains Leith.

No modifications were required on these excavators, which are equipped with rock buckets.

“We now offer a fully automatic greasing system as standard to assist with maintenance and thereby extend the lifetime of the machines,”

adds Leith.

The machines were also sold with a 36-month/8000 hour warranty, which is an extension of the standard 18-month/3000 hour warranty. Included is a full service plan that will see the machines serviced at regular 250 hour intervals. In addition, Goscor Finance assisted Wearne Quarries in acquiring the equipment, thereby supplying the customer with a complete solution.

The brand-new excavators were sourced directly from the factory in China. Upon arriving at Durban harbour, they were immediately transported to Wearne Quarries, arriving on-site in late September. The Durban branch of Goscor Earthmoving Equipment assisted with the handover, and providing toolboxes and operator training as well.

“We have established a good business relationship with the client over the past year and a half due to our commitment and aftermarket support,”

notes Leith. A prominent aggregate producer in the region, Leith is confident of repeat business from Wearne Quarries in the future.

The SANY SY335C medium excavator features an auto deceleration system that reduces fuel consumption by 5% to 10%. When an operation stops for 3.5 seconds, the engine speed drops automatically to idle level, and maintains this idling state.

The strengthened structure makes it an efficient and robust machine for a range of applications. The dual-pump, dual-circuit constant power control system means that the Isuzu engine outputs a continuously strong operating force.

Source: Ngage

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Giorgia Olivotto
Editor at South African HeavyQuip Magazine
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