Cummins Inc. has shipped about 800 QSK60 series engines from its factories in Daventry in the UK and Phaltan in India to China, where they are being used to build power generators. These power generators will be mainly installed in data centres to help communities in China stay connected throughout the reopening of the economy.

In times like this where many supply chains are interrupted due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, supply chain agility becomes an invaluable asset for many businesses. A global and diverse manufacturing network is one of the key elements of building an agile supply chain. Cummins manufactures engines and generator sets in facilities across five continents. This network allows Cummins to be flexible and satisfy customers’ needs, even when the most unexpected happens.

“This was an unprecedented challenge and is a testament to our whole organisation in that we have been able to flex our supply chain to meet and exceed the needs of our customers in China,”

comments Richard Elenor, Operations Leader, Asia and Africa, Cummins Inc.

Elenor is not alone in recognising the efforts of supply chain professionals at Cummins. Most recently, Cummins’ supply chain operations were ranked fourth in Gartner’s Top-Ranked Industrial Supply Chains 2019 list.

The benefits of Cummins’ agile supply chain extend beyond its direct customers. In this case, communities in China will benefit from the connectivity enabled by these data centres. Cummins is proud to be a part of building a connected world, as connectivity will empower these communities in many ways.

While the Chinese economy continues to reopen, many continue to work from home. Much of this activity require connectivity, enabled by data centres. Educational institutions continue to focus on virtual learning for the near term to keep students and teachers safe.

A key enabler for this to be effective is connectivity and access to learning portals, also enabled by data centres. Beyond China, many communities around the world are increasingly reliant on digital infrastructure that is backed-up by Cummins power.

Source: Cummins

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