Tending to all needs with four to ten rotors

Shortly after launching the new Highland series tedders Krone introduces another new series of tedders which is badged Vendro. The new range replaces the existing KW range and lines up nine models: two 4-rotor machines (Vendro 470 and Vendro 560), three 6-rotor tedders (Vendro 620, Vendro 680 and Vendro 790), two 8-rotor tedders (Vendro 820 and Vendro 900) and two 10-rotor tedders (Vendro 1020 and Vendro 1120), covering working widths of 4.70m to 11.20m and offering the right solution for any farming needs.

The landmark feature of these new developments is their close attachment to the tractor which shifts more weight to the front axle and reduces transport length and lift requirement compared with the predecessors. In addition, they offer an enormously manoeuvrability in work position which is underlined by auto folding deflectors.

Powerful driveline with integral overrunning clutch

Sealed and maintenance-free, the main gearbox with integral overrunning clutch offers maximum service life and reliability. Naturally, the tried-and-tested Krone Octo-Link clutches are also found on the new models. Unlike universal joints, these eight-finger and maintenance-free clutches require no daily lubrication and establish frictional connections at any angle. The rotor gearboxes, too, are maintenance-free and liquid greased as on all Krone tedders for minimum service and maintenance. Mounted under the structural beams they have no structural function and are less exposed to strain and stress.

Krone Vendro

The Krone OptiTurn rotor concept

Like the Highland models, the Vendro tedders feature the Krone OptiTurn rotors with patented Krone OptiTurn tines that orbit closely to the rotor wheels for exemplary results. The redesigned rotors have their tines orbit 20cm closer than on the KW20 for exceptional contouring.

Thanks to their new and patented OptiTurn 3D design they pick up the grass cleanly and the curved shaft results in a loss-free and uniform spread of the material along the shafts which have different lengths within the pair. Another effect of this design is a perfect throw and uniform and fluffy spreads, reducing drying time to a minimum and allowing farmers to make maximum use of narrow harvest windows.

The standard border spreading curtain makes for accurate and clean work along boundaries. It is easily lowered into work from the convenience of the cab – either manually or hydraulically.

Stylish design and good overview

The modern styling also covers the rotor guards that give maximum protection and yet easy access to all service points. New brackets for the guards provide maximum stability and yet unobstructed view of the rotors. In addition, a new LED light package gives maximum safety during road travel.

More operator convenience comes from a definable headland position, hydraulic damper struts and special stands for storage.

All 10-rotor machines feature a defined headland position that is set on the spool. This is also an option on all other Vendro models. The feature saves time when travelling to the next field and eliminates tedding twice on the headland.

Another standard feature on the Vendro 900, 1020 and 1120 models are hydraulic damper struts which of course are also available as an option for all other Vendros. These provide perfect castering behind the tractor, especially in curves, and convenient, shock-free travel on public roads.

Last but not least, the new Krone Vendro tedders also stand out for their special stands which take the strain off the rotor wheels and ensure good stability for fast and safe attachment and removal without shunting. The patented stand at the rear moves to various positions as a counterbalance when the damper struts extend/retract during tractor attachment/removal.

Krone Vendro 1120

Vendro rotary tedder model line-up

Vendro 470: 4.70m work width; 4 rotors; 1,50m rotor diameter; 6 tine arms per rotor

Vendro 560: 5.60m work width; 4 rotors; 1,80m rotor diameter; 7 tine arms per rotor

Vendro 620: 6.20m work width; 6 rotors; 1.38m rotor diameter; 5 tine arms per rotor

Vendro 680: 6.80m work width; 6 rotors; 1.50m rotor diameter; 6 tine arms per rotor

Vendro 790: 7.90m work width; 6 rotors; 1.70m rotor diameter; 7 tine arms per rotor

Vendro 820: 8.20m work width; 8 rotors; 1.38m rotor diameter; 5 tine arms per rotor diameter

Vendro 900: 9.00m work width; 8 rotors; 1.50m rotor diameter; 6 tine arms per rotor diameter

Vendro 1020: 10.20 work width; 10 rotors; 1.38 rotor diameter; 5 tine arms per rotor diameter

Vendro 1120: 11.20 work width; 10 rotors; 1.50 rotor diameter; 6 tine arms per rotor diameter

Source: Krone

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