In order to assist civils contractors boost productivity, Goscor Earthmoving Equipment has introduced the SANY SSR120C-10 into the local market.

With a 12 t operating weight, this single-drum roller is more fuel-efficient than previous models, according to Operations Manager Murray Leith. It reduces operating costs while still delivering the same output.

While the SANY SSR120C-10 is aimed mainly at civils works, its applications include mining and even compacting coal stockpiles at power stations. The new roller represents an improved version of the SANY SSR120C-6. The aim is to improve overall efficiencies to give clients a competitive edge in a difficult business environment.

The SANY SSR roller series features a 10% greater excitation force than similar machines, translating into 16.7% greater production. The use of water wheel type lubrication on the vibratory bearings extends bearing life by up to 5 000 hours. The engine air filter is raised and the air is filtered twice to protect the engine. The hydraulic system features three-stage filtration.

Operator comfort is improved due to the fact that the cab is mounted on vibration-damping mounts. Climate control within the cab is another benefit for operators. Safety is enhanced further with rounded front and rear bumpers. Large rear glass and a sloped hood allow for greater visibility at all times.

Leith anticipates that the SANY SSR120C-10 will be well-received by the local market, especially as it will be supported by Goscor Earthmoving Equipment in terms of maintenance requirements and service back-up.

“The roller market is quite competitive, so we anticipate that the productivity and efficiency improvements incorporated in the SANY SSR120C-10 will make it the number one choice for contractors in this market segment. We all know that margins are under pressure at the moment, so any advantage we can offer our customers will reduce their total cost of ownership and add to the bottom line,”

Leith concludes.

Source: Sany

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