The innovation of Carer electric trucks reaches a new milestone with the upgrade of the historic Z 60-80H Series:

important technological improvements guarantee high performance and significant energy savings.

A step towards the future. This is the announcement that accompanies the introduction also on the historic Z60-80H series of the new front axle equipped with 2 AC electric traction motors, characterized by high performances. This fundamental upgrade will also be complemented by the new 100% electric braking system, which will eliminate any noise and ensure very low energy consumption, and by an accurate electronic automatic speed control system when cornering.

The renewed Carer electric forklift trucks with capacities from 6 to 8 tons therefore take the name of Z 60-80H², retaining the winning features of compactness that have made them indispensable tools for handling bulky and heavy loads in confined spaces. 

The new Z 60-80H² series guarantees maximum payload with single front tires only, reducing the maximum width of the front axle to 1,670 mm; to this peculiarity there is also a very short length at the front of the forks (respectively 3,010 mm for the 6, 6,5 and 7 ton models and 3,265 mm for the 8 model).

If the ultra-compact dimensions are one of the main winning aspects of the new series, the advantages of the battery cannot be overlooked, characterized by a very high capacity: in fact, it reaches 96 V and 1125 Ah and ensures long autonomies without overheating problems even in stressful applications that require the conclusion of the work shift.

To all this, there are also considerations on ergonomics, with the raised driving position which ensures the operator a wide visibility of the load and the work environment, in order to allow operations to be carried out in total safety.

Among the main industrial sectors in which the previous Z 60-80H series has found its natural place over time to support goods handling operations, Steel & Metals, Aeronautics, Automotive, the Paper industry, stand out. of Cement, Wood, Industrial Cables and the Space sector. These are the same sectors that will be directly affected by the extension of the series, since currently there are no similar electric forklift trucks on the market in the range from 6 to 8 tons, capable of providing identical operating autonomy with the same compactness, associated with the same high performance.


Source: Carer

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