Remote monitoring and reporting

For more than 40 years Raniero has been producing electric forklifts. The world of electronic is continuously making great progress. In these years there is a process in continuous evolution that leads every electric forklift truck to be more and more performing, more efficient, more operational autonomy, lower daily costs. The evolution of the world of interactivity exploded thanks to the spread of the internet and various types of devices has allowed every single forklift truck to communicate, interact with a multitude of operators and other machines near or far from each other.

Our guiding philosophy leads us continuously to research, to develop new solutions through a constant relationship with all the operators in the world of goods handling and logistics.

5 years ago Raniero started to develope our software.

Raniero Software is your device for monitoring, control, configuration and adjustment of Raniero forklifts through a remote connection.

Track your trucks

While online, it provides you a real time and past time view of the real use of your forklifts: when they have been used, how the batteries have been charged, who has used the forklifts, what’s going on now.

The information that you could collect regards:

  • safety alerts;

  • machine status;

  • average battery consumption;

  • recharged battery levels and times;

  • covered distances;

  • updated working hours;

  • notice possible damages to the truck.

Increased confidence and precision

Schedule maintenance and provide full attention to clients are crucial. Information helps you to provide assistance to clients’ forklifts falls, to give quick answers and to schedule any maintenance operation activity. Any adjustment, setting trials may be performed remotely by saving time and resources. The software comes complete of wire diagrams, error code manual.

Source: Lampocar S.r.l. – Raniero Forklifts

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