HPE Africa’s range of Soosan products encompass hydraulic breakers and quick couplers, which are complimentary attachments to the company’s Hyundai construction equipment.

Key to the Soosan range are hydraulic breakers, which cope efficiently in tough conditions in quarrying, mining and construction. These breakers combine advanced technology for high productivity and a robust structure, to ensure extended service life and minimal maintenance requirements. Notable features include a high power to weight ratio for optimum efficiency and a patented valve system, which is synchronised with a simple hydraulic system

“HPE Africa’s Soosan SU+ hydraulic breakers enhance the Soosan SB line, known for dependable operation in tough conditions. Advanced features of SU+85 Line TR-F Series include an Integrated Power Control and Anti-Blank Hammering systems (IPC and ABH) for the selection of three working modes and increased impact frequency for improved production efficiency,”

says Ross Collard, managing director, HPE Africa. “We believe minimising energy loss from the excavator benefits both the operator and the environment. In order to achieve this, Soosan has introduced a piston floating system. In addition, a pressure-resistant hydraulic hose reduces hose vibration and extended tool bushing prevents consequential damage to the piston and cylinder, caused by misaligned tool hammering.

Soosan’s bounce-controlled percussion system minimises the recoils during hammering work and helps to reduces damage at the hammer and the carrier, as well as improving operator comport.

Another important feature is the thermal stress analysis system used to control heat generation of the breaker. As a result, these units are able to maintain the same percussion frequency at high temperatures. Increased accumulator capacity ensures a more stable hydraulic system and surging reduction. Other features for safe operation and durability are specially-developed devices that prevent foreign substances flowing into the cylinder and an anti-scratch system.

Added to this, is vibration damping by high strength urethane cushions, an auto shut-off and easy start function and a valve adjuster for efficient control of oil flow to suit on-site work conditions. The auto-lubrication connection is optional.

Typical applications for SU+ hydraulic breakers are for primary and secondary breaking in quarries, site preparation, foundation works, road construction, demolition works, highly-reinforced concrete, trenching and tunnelling, bench levelling and general construction works.

Important units in Soosan’s SB range are SB40, and SB121 hydraulic breakers, which are equipped with a connection for an automatic lubrication system. SB40 breakers have an operating weight of 307 kg, a moil diameter of 68 mm and a striking rate between 500 and 900 bpm. The minimum excavator tonnage for this unit is 4T. SB121 hydraulic breakers, with an operating weight of 2 965 kg and an impact rate of between 300 and 450 bpm, require a carrier rate between 28 and 35 T.

Notable features of the SB157 series include an efficient hydraulic system which generates less heat, a patented built-in valve system, with a simple side plate frame and fewer components for minimal maintenance requirements. Reduced oil flow is required to lower fatigue on the hydraulic pump. These hydraulic breakers are suitable to transport with the base machine between sites.

Source: HPE Africa

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