The prevailing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has meant machine fairs this year have been either cancelled or postponed worldwide. Fairs traditionally have provided an easy way to demonstrate technically advanced products. So instead of fairs, Engcon has decided to arrange its own live, digital event. Providing a showcase to live stream this year’s top news and key product updates for excavators.

For many companies, meeting customers and attending trade fairs are an important part of customer care and sales. But COVID-19 has meant that trade shows have been cancelled and are not a viable option. Attending trade fairs and organising excavation days has long been a key part of Engcon’s sales strategy for customer engagement. Something that is particularly appreciated with highly technical products that improve excavator efficiency. Fairs provide an opportunity to show how these products work. So, Engcon’s digital fair is an attempt to meet these same needs, even in times of isolation.

”Our end customers immediately understand the benefits when they see our products “in action” with their own eyes. They know the industry, their machines and their uses. When they see how quickly they can switch between different hydraulic tools without having to step out of the cab thanks to our automatic quick mounting system, EC-Oil, they immediately realise how their everyday life can be improved. We want them to be able to see this even if we can’t meet”

says Krister Blomgren, CEO of Engcon.

Be flexible. Adapt!

The situation and measures in place in each country around the world are different, but in general the number of people that can gather together is limited. These restrictions have meant many people are spending more time at home because they are unable to go to work. Businesses are suffering and as a consequence the global economy is feeling the impact. In these times when we jointly try to stop the spread of infection, Engcon believes it is important to also continue to focus forward. Creating the right conditions for businesses to return after the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Now it is important to be flexible and adapt to the situation! For us, it is important to find new ways to communicate with our end customers. Previously the demos at our exhibitions were always very popular, which is why we now offer the live streaming events from our Swedish factory, says Krister Blomgren, and continues:

“We will build a small exhibition stand in Strömsund’s main production area where we will then demonstrate products with an excavator. We will connect with different geographic markets together with our local sales teams. So, Germany gets a presentation of our German colleagues in German about our products and so on”.

Engcon sees it as a first test to “meet” end customers digitally, in spite of the restrictions that exist.

” We must all start to look ahead and think about what solutions and future investments are needed to make our operations more competitive and durable”, he concludes.

First up is the international digital live show which will take place on June 11, at 7 pm (London time). Then follows a series of market-unique digital live streaming events with broadcast times to be confirmed and shared on Engcon’s country-unique Facebook pages.

Source: Engcon

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