For use on industrial tractors, this tire is a perfect mix of resistance, stability, and comfort.

Also coming new tire sizes for LIFTMAX LM 81 and CONTAINER KING.

BKT does not stop. Here ready for its official launch is the new LIFTMAX LM 63 tire designed to fit tractors for industrial and logistical use or which are deployed at ports and airports.

This new product is the perfect combination of some outstanding features: low rolling resistance, reduced vibrations, excellent stability and also a more comfortable drive. All this is possible thanks to the All Steel casing equipped with multilayer steel belts.

Its list of features also includes good resistance to punctures and wear and tear and a high level of productivity thanks to the improved mileage and the reduced fuel consumption. There is certainly no lack of traction, an essential element in numerous applications, but especially in industrial, logistical or port work.

The new LIFTMAX LM 63 is available in two different sizes: 6.00 R 9 and 8.25 R 15.

BKT is already working to develop new sizes and to thus expand the new range.

This is only the latest in a long series of BKT tires designed and developed for vehicles operating in industrial or multisectoral sectors which carry out operations involving loading, compacting, building, recycling, logistics, industrial and port handling, municipal works, excavation, transport and intermodal transport. And this is not the only novelty in this area.

BKT is expanding the LIFTMAX LM 81 range, a specific product for forklifts and vehicles for the handling of empty containers. Thanks to the latest sizes which have been included – i.e. 12.00 R 20, 12.00 R 24 and 14.00 R 24 – this range now includes fully seventeen different models.

Also new is the 18.00 – 33 size for the CONTAINER KING, specifically designed for vehicles used to lift and handle heavy loads.

Finally, the Indian multinational is working to expand the RIDEMAX IT 697 range, a tire for various applications, but ideal for winter use and it has innovations in store for one of BKT’s best-known industrial lines: MAGLIFT, designed for forklifts.

Source: BKT

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