Lozova Machinery continues the spring test drive of trailed units in Ukrainian farms. One of the new products of 2020 – CHERVONETS XL seedbed cultivator – passes the next stage of field testing.

Specialists of the agricultural company “European development fund” (village Bliznyuki, Kharkiv region) are satisfied with the work of the unit. The cultivator is used for preparation of the soil for sowing millet, sunflower and corn. They also plan to use the new unique option of CHERVONETS XL and test the system for applying starting liquid fertilizers with a tank of 3000 liters.


An ideal seedbed, destruction of weed seedlings and simultaneous application of liquid fertilizers this is the result of just one pass of the CHERVONETS XL.

Farmers are familiar with the serial model of CHERVONETS, so what are the differences between models? CHERVONETS XL is equipped with more powerful and rigid tines with shares 250 mm wide. The number of tines was reduced to 36 pcs. This makes it possible to cope with weeds more effectively, even in conditions of heavy weeds in the field. The reinforced chassis with increased wheel diameter contributes to fast and comfortable transportation in all conditions, including difficult ones. CHERVONETS XL with a width of 8 meters cultivates the soil to a depth of 3 to 15 cm. The high-performance implement is distinguished by an economical fuel consumption of 3,5 l/ha. The required tractor power starts from 150 hp. CHERVONETS XL is already available for sale.

Source: Lozova Machinery

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