True to their motto “Rethinking the Everyday” and in their pursuit of maintaining their edge of being the most versatile feeders on the market, Hustler has introduced its latest innovation in feeding livestock.

The brand new Even Feed Roller attachment option allows any Chainless bale processor to feed out even more bales with even more consistency in the windrow…

If you are feeding out tight and high density square bales, this optional attachment has been designed especially for you.

The Even Feed Roller retains high-density square bales in the feeding chamber allowing the rotors to tease apart tight biscuits achieving improved consistency and an even feed windrow when feeding high-density square bales making it easier for your cattle to feed.

When in the rounds position, the roller also prevents operators from accidentally ejecting a bale and makes it easier to break down tight centered bale cores that no other feeder can handle.

Rouns Position:

High-Density Squares Position:

True to Hustler standards, the attachment retrofits to any existing X Series Chainless bale feeder both mounted and trailed.

If you are feeding out both round and square bales, you’ll be able to seamlessly switch from round bales position to square bales position with no tools thanks to handy quick release latch system which has been tested and improved after many hours spent on the field.


  • 2 position roller for Rounds and Squares
  • Easier operation and more consistent feed rows
  • Makes it easier to feed out tight cores
  • Enables feeding of High-Density square bales in consistent windrows
  • Quick release tool-free switching between round and square bales
  • Retrofittable to pre 2020 Chainless X series models
  • Available for both 4′ and 5′ wide machines

Chainless Bale Feeders feed more bales than any other feeder

Hustler’s Chainless square & round bale feeder range feeds every bale type, shape, size and fodder type of square or round bale and has been proven on more bale types than any other feeder on the market today.

No troublesome feed chains or wearing parts and simple hydraulic power is a key advantage for true reliability, lower maintenance and quicker operation.

The unique 3:1 teasing action of the timed dual rotors uses feed more economically as it fluffs up your bale, making it easier to eat and more palatable to your livestock and saves time when feeding tight bales.

Source: Hustler Equipment

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