In collaboration with FTMH we have developed the world’s first electric forklift truck of 25 tons to 1200 mm.

The project is the result of a commission of LA CISA Trasporti Industriali that is investing in eco-sustainable logistics, choosing us as a partner for the electrification of the machine, so that it can be used for steel mill movements.

Since last October (2019) it has been operating in a steel mill in Padua, Northern Italy.

This forklift is part of a project to develop the range from 18 to 30 tons with 1200 mm load center, a project that up to two years was unthinkable.

It is the result of our long and deep experience in the design of electric forklifts from 6 to 25 tons for the paper, recycling, wood, steel, automotive, cement, beverage, heavy logistics, terminals and port sectors.

Raniero - electric forklift truck

The technology applied is AC – alternating current – with a 380V battery.

It offers performance and speed equal to a diesel truck. Agility in manoeuvring thanks to a dedicated steering engine. The advantage of a deep reduction of polluting emissions, noise level and fuel costs with a considerable saving at the end of the working day.

Although electric forklifts cost a little more than a new diesel forklift truck, they soon start to pay for themselves. With the reduction in fuel, maintenance and spare parts costs you can expect a payback period of around two years.

This new series is a revolution: where diesel forklifts used to operate, electric forklifts are now offered for use. The sectors where they can be used are port terminals, steelworks and metallurgy, the handling of wind turbines, cement factories and sectors where the handling of loads over 20 tons is carried out even in continuous cycle.

The project is a demonstration of our capabilities and the potential we can offer you to improve your business and increase your customer portfolio. A project that is a concrete proof of how a large AC (Alternating Current) electric forklift guarantees the same performance as a similar diesel machine but with a much lower operating cost.

Source: Raniero Forklifts

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