The new compact loaders from Tobroco-Giant offers performance, outstanding versatility and reduced running costs and fuel consumption.

With the G1500 (X-TRA) it introduces two articulated loaders with individual wheel motors for stability, maneuverability and productivity.

Maximum grip with 4 wheel motors

The new G1500 is powered by a powerful 26 hp diesel engine, without DOC and DPF, which meets the latest, EU Stage V, emission standards. To guarantee performance and comfort, Tobroco-Giant has equipped the machine with 4, heavy-duty, wheel motors and an electrically switchable differential lock. This power train ensures maximum grip, a lot of pulling force and smooth movement in every situation against reduced running costs and less fuel consumption.

Despite its compact design and limited weight the standard G1500 has a tipping load of 1,040 kg and lifting height of 2.56 m. The G1500 X-TRA has a lifting height of 2.07 m and tipping load of 1,500 kg! The standard width of 89 cm for the G1500 and 110 cm for the G1500 X-TRA makes it possible to work inside, on small paths or cramped building sights. While working with heavy loads the machine still holds an extraordinary stability against overturning. This is due to the four-wheel engines, which take the balance point of the machine to a very low level. For extra productivity it is possible to equip the machines with the patented Stabilo System or boom suspension. Both options provide extra safety and comfort because unevenness’s are absorbed without any compromise to the performance.

G1500 X-TRA

Safety and comfort

The machines are as standard equipped with a safety roof and this can optionally be changed to a foldable safety roof or to a full-option cabin. All roofs and cabins have been extensively tested on safety by an independent authority and are internationally ROPS/FOPS certified. All-round visibility gives the operator an excellent view on his work and allows safe and precise operation.

With this machine the driver works from the most comfortable seat on the job site – featuring a spacious operator environment combined with the smooth predictable control instruments, the ergonomic, low-effort joystick and tilt and telescope steering column guarantee safe and efficient working conditions.

Source: Tobroco-Giant

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