Big news is announced in Carer, with the arrival of a new and very powerful machine, destined to revolutionize handling in sectors that require demanding applications.

The important news that had been announced in the last months of last year are about to be revealed. The advances on the new electric truck, which will be officially presented in the coming months are arousing considerable interest.

It deals with a vehicle that will replace diesel propulsion in applications where the electric has so far been rarely used. The newborn from Carer in fact guarantees dimensions and layout similar to those of a thermal machine, it is therefore ideal in various applications with very bulky loads, for mainly outdoor use (cement plants, steel mills, prefabricated buildings, port areas, handling of heavy materials and timber etc.). It was in fact expressly conceived for logistic activities in the industries in which molds, containers and large loads are handled.

With its 20 km/h speed, maneuverability is ensured by traction and lifting that allow you to exploit the power of the different engines used. Not having the traction with dedicated inverters, the new A160 is able to guarantee all the maneuvers simultaneously and therefore a considerable saving of time, as well as a more fluid maneuverability.

It is also the only machine to be equipped with a 144 V battery, also available in lithium: an added value which is realized into greater efficiency and a longer duration over time, since there is no need to use any electronic device for balancing. A factor that avoids wasting energy in stabilization, added to the reduction of battery deterioration, due to the fact that, working at higher voltages, it keeps the power constant at lower currents. 

Thanks to its high performance, the new Carer A160 electric forklift will be able to cover an entire work shift, also maintaining speed and lifting performance comparable to that of diesel trucks.

These are just the main features of the new machine that is about to appear in the logistics landscape. Without forgetting that Carer’s philosophy has always been oriented towards the search for tailor-made solutions, specifically tailored to the handling requests expressed by customers. Strong in the characterization of its proposals, the company stands out from the generalist manufacturers precisely because of its ability to respond promptly to all the different application needs.

Source: Carer

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