Starting in 1995 with the R-312 hydraulic drilling rig, Soilmec has been the leader in the 30-35 ton class of large diameter piling rigs.

These agile and powerful rigs (R-312’s, SR-30’s and SR-30 EVO’s) have become the standard for drilling contractors around the world with well over 1,000 units produced and sold.

This year Soilmec is launching a major improvement to the line with the introduction of the SR-35 EVO

The SR-35 EVO is now a 35-ton rig with more power and flexibility that utilizes the latest generation StageV/Tier4f Diesel engine equipped with low-idle for improved fuel efficiency and reduced noise pollution. The engine is an American Cummins B6.7 with power increased by 15HP compared to the previous SR-30 EVO. The hydraulic & electric systems have been simplified to minimize energy losses and provide more space for maintenance. The SR-35 EVO is fitted with a newly designed rotary head resulting in a 15% torque increase (maximum value of 151.6 kNm /111,814 lb-ft). Additionally, The SR-35 EVO most distinct feature is a new high strength steel segmental mast. The segmental mast allows for quick conversion of the rig for different applications. By removing the upper element, it is possible to quickly convert to the LHR setup or add a rig rotary sleeve kit and auger cleaner for CFA applications (4-Lines and Quick Change Versions). The SR-35 EVO is a modern machine equipped with several accessories, devices and the DMS 4.0 system to ensure the highest level of connectivity, accessibility, and safety.

Source: Soilmec

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