Titan Enterprises, and its sister companies with more than 130 employees, is a large construction company in Virginia.

Their main area of business is commercial and residential concrete construction in both the Myrtle Beach and Northern Virginia areas, however CEO Jack Pereira and partners recently acquired a well-equipped recycling site in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina which gives the company an opportunity to make their own construction material. Concrete is mainly recycled on-site and later re-used for their own projects.

New Recycling Center Needs New Machinery

To establish the SC Recycling Center was the first step that needed to be done. With Michael Morais, a long-term specialist, on board, the second task was to find the best machinery for the new location and this was not easy. After numerous testing of crushers in the 25-ton range and from various manufacturers, it has been rather clear that Rockster’s impact crusher R900, with its hydrostatic concept, cannot be compared to the others.

Michael Morais (Supervisor SC Recycling Center), Wolfgang Kormann (CEO Rockster) and Jack Pereira (CEO Titan Enterprises) in front of the new Rockster impactor R900 and scalper RSS410.

Fully Hydraulic Vs. Diesel Electric

“The design of the machines and the fully hydraulic installations with the hydrostatic drive are simply more reliable than the electric in this application,” says Pereira. Rockster CEO Wolfgang Kormann adds:

“The hydrostatic pressure adjusts to the power requirements of the crusher, resulting in a very constant crushing performance. Moreover, the diesel engine always stays within the optimum speed range, so the fuel consumption is lower than with Diesel-Electric Drive Systems.”

Mobile Impact Crusher and Mobile Scalping Screen work hand-in-hand

To produce 3 different fractions was one of the main demands from Titan Enterprises. That’s why Rockster offered the scalping screen RSS410 as a perfect match to the R900 impactor. RSS410 is Rockster’s best-selling screen due to its ease of handling, very robust construction, its compact measurements and the light weight of only 15 tons.

Titan Enterprises have a use for every final product size of their recycled concrete; mainly for road construction: 0-½”, ½- 1½“, and 1½-3“

Winner in Ease of Maintenance and Performance

“I took a look into the crusher engine compartment and was convinced that this is a sophisticated and well-designed machine. Everything is clearly arranged what’s very important for service works,” says Pereira. With their new impact crusher, combined with the scalper, they produce 150 tons of screened final product with a high-quality cubical shape, a feeding size of 20” and final products from 0-3”.

“The machines handle the material perfectly and flawlessly. My experience so far is amazing, Rockster offers great products and excellent support behind. Materials being produced is exactly what I was looking for, I receive nothing but compliments on the materials I am producing”

says Supervisor Michael Morais.

Growth of Recycling Business

At the moment, all the concrete and RAP that is recycled at the SC Recycling Center is for the use and purposes of Titan Enterprises. However if demand for recycling increases, Michael Morais and Jack Pereira think of expanding the business to contract crushing. “Since the machines are very easy to transport and easy to handle, which are important factors in this business, we could also crush and screen right at the customer’s jobsite”, says Pereira. To become even more flexible, they also keep in mind Rockster’s DUPLEX option. This patented system allows the installation of a jaw crusher unit instead of the impactor on the same machine frame.

“With a jaw we could also crush very hard virgin stone with good performance and low wear that would just bring more business opportunities when it comes to different projects.”


Source: Rockster

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