TRX 5800 – The new compact, reversible, professional 50 hp tractor

This is the latest, super compact 50 hp tractor, which comes equipped with reversible driving position, steering, and isodiametric wheels. The equipment on this model is the same that had been envisaged, up until now, for high AC tractors. It is a made to measure professional tractor that is ideal for vineyards and fruit orchards, but which also meets the maintenance requirements of green spaces and urban maintenance. It is agile in confined spaces, thanks to its short wheel base and very tight turning radius, as well as on slopes, where the ACTIOTM chassis and the four-wheel drive can guarantee stability and constant traction. The gear change is a brilliant 16+16, equipped with a synchro shuttle.

The reversible driving position and extreme ergonomic design simplify the work by increasing the efficiency and speed of performance, with a considerable saving in time and consumption. It is capable of carrying a number of multiple implement types, front or rear mounted, capable of ploughing, vineyard strip management, and fruit picking. Its lifting power is 2,200 kg, sturdier lifting arms, for heavier loads and more demanding work are available on request. In the case of more demanding agricultural and urban requirements, an uprated oil pump for a flow rate of up to 43 l/m is available. The TRX 5800 is also available with a Joystick or lifting with position and draft control.

There is a cutting edge display or cluster. Amongst other things, the PTO revs are shown on the display, as well as its ground speed and working hours. The spacious platform mounted on silent blocks guarantees the transmission is thermally and acoustically isolated from the cab, making it comfortable and capable of absorbing vibration. The suspended pedal board has been designed to eliminate openings in the cab floor, so the operator is protected from any dust ingress.

It is available with an air conditioned cab and all the optional features you might wish for.

TGF 10900 R Cab. Protector 100 – A “panther” among the crop rows

One directional, differentiated wheel steering, with a 98 hp Kubota engine, it is the lowest and most compact in the compact tractor category, in the power range of 100 hp. With a pressurised cab, Protector 100, available on request, reaches only 174 cm in height at the apex and, together with its tapered profile, it adapts perfectly to access in vegetation, even the densest, without damaging it. Furthermore, in the Category 4 certified version, it protects the operator from the ingress of dust, gas and vapours.

TGF 10900 R

Created specifically for vineyards and fruit orchards, the TGF is characterised by its extremely contained dimensions and a very tight turning radius, which has been made possible by the smaller front wheels, which provides it with exceptional maneuvering precision. It is perfectly specialised for narrow crop rows, even on slopes, “ Y” fruit orchards, as well as for lower crops, canopied vineyards and greenhouses. The rear wheels are available in the following measurements, from 18, 20 or 24 inches, on the basis of the operating requirements and land.

In spite of the extremely compact sizes available, it provides an operative area and comfort equivalent to traditional tractors. The options available include electronic lifting, double configuration of the chassis, with two different types of gear unit for rear wheels measuring from 20 to 24 inches. Another real innovation introduced by the new TGF 10900R is its extensive, hydraulic availability, up to: 5 double effects, continuous operations regulated by 51 l/min, two returns and a pump with an oil radiator.

TRG 10900 R – Multi-function, reversible tractor, with powerful traction

This is a reversible steering tractor (Kubota 4 cyl., 98 hp engine) with larger rear wheels (which increase the traction) and more ground clearance. It is suitable for use in fruit orchards, vineyards, but also in open fields, especially for deep (ploughing) and towing (for use in forestry, construction, etc. ). It combines, like no other tractor, power, stability and compactness, as well as extremely, precise steering, thanks to smaller front wheels. Comfort aboard is guaranteed, with a spacious and comfortable driving position and control ergonomics, which makes work more comfortable and intuitive. It has no equal on the market: a reversible tractor, powerful but agile, useful in the countryside, as well as for roadworks, during both summer and winter, for clearing snow or cutting the grass over large areas. The gear change is an exceptionally reliable 16+16, equipped with a synchronised reverser.

The TRG 10900 R is available on request with the super technological AIR cab, homologated FOPS, ROPS and pressurised, ready to be certified in Category 4, which guarantees the operator being protected from harmful dust inhalations, gas and vapours. 

TONY 10900 TR and SR – Compact steering tractor with constant variable transmission

The Tony Antonio Carraro range, made up of the steering Tony 10900 TR and the articulated SR (98 hp Kubota engine), incorporate the very highest technological content available today in the specialised agricultural mechanisation sector. The continuous hybrid variable transmission is managed by software that allows the agricultural operator to customise his own work, during all its phases, taking into consideration the equipment used and the driving style, in order to optimise and simplify the procedures. Work becomes much more comfortable, thanks to not having to use the clutch, which makes steering much easier.

TONY 10900 SR

The Tony SR and TR are two dynamic and versatile compact isodiametric tractors, aimed at precision agriculture (vineyards, fruit orchards and greenhouses), even in the smallest area, on rough ground and on slopes. They have been equipped with a short wheel base and a very tight turning radius, extremely tight in the case of the articulated SR, which permits much more precise steering. They are just the right vehicle to use when working between crop rows, even extremely narrow ones (the SR can be configured with a narrow stack down to 1,060 mm), for crop spraying and all the activities where a constant working speed is required, operations where they provide both an impeccable and homogeneous result, thus avoiding wasting materials or time-work. Thanks to the reversible steering, a large number of equipment types can be assembled on it. The hybrid mechanical-hydrostatic transmission has been provided with four electronically-controlled speed ranges, which can be inserted whilst off or in movement, with three acceleration modes for each range and three for range in automotive mode. The software also supplies the tractor’s diagnostics, which are constantly monitored to work at maximum efficiency at all times.

In spite of its compact size, considerable on board comfort is guaranteed, with a driving position that is both comfortable as well as being easy to access thanks to a lever-free central tunnel.

The Tonys are available with a cutting edge, pressurised Air cab, even with certification provided in Category 4 which guarantees the operator being protected from harmful dust inhalations, gas and vapours.

INFINITY TR and SR 7600 – The hydrostatic articulated tractor

TR and SR 7600 Infinity (75 hp Kohler engine) represents the latest evolution in the Antonio Carraro hydrostatic tractors with reversible drive, which are ideal for use in vineyards and fruit orchards, but also to take care of green spaces and urban maintenance.


TR is the steering, isodiametric, reverse drive tractor, ideal for use in confined areas, such as in vineyards and in between crop rows in general, even those that are located on slopes, and the articulated SR (which is still isodiametric and comes equipped with a reversible drive); it has a particularly narrow track width, which is useful in providing agility in the accesses between the crop rows, and can be commandeered in very confined areas. The hybrid, mechanical-hydrostatic transmission offers a working speed of between 0.1 and 40 km/h, and by eliminating the use of the clutch, it enormously simplifies the operations requiring tasks which call for frequent and rapid changes in direction, useful, for example, in moving materials (or fruit) between the crop rows. The Infinity functions have all been digitalised. Amongst these, the possibility of choosing between four different driving modes, tractor speed and engine rpm control, on the basis of the demands made. Its use is both intuitive and comfortable for the operator. The control functions of the torque delivered by the PTO, and at the wheels, protect the power take off and the engine, particularly in critical situations. Both modes can be assembled in the Starlight cab, equipped with great visibility and comfort, together with a degree of compactness suitable for the densest crops.

During 2019, the TR 7600 Infinity model received two acknowledgments for technical content and innovation, respectively in the “Innovation Challenge Award” during the Italian trade fair Enovitis in Campo 2019, and the “Technical News Competition” during the Agrilevante 2019 trade fair.

MACH 4 R – The formidable articulated rubber tracked tractor



The articulated tracked tractor with rubber tracks, equipped with reversible drive, represents the flagship of the AC range for its outstanding performances and imposing appearance. It comes equipped with a 4 cyl. 98 hp Kubota engine, and stands out due to its powerful structure and its ability to work under extreme conditions, on slopes and loose earth, where other traditional tractors cannot operate. Mach 4 can work on soaked or muddy ground, guaranteeing minimum ground compaction, a characteristic that enables it to work whatever the weather; consequently, there is no loss of working days, since the tracked tractor can work inside the crop rows, even after rain. The rubber tracks allow the tractor to “float”, while affording increased stability and better grip of the ground, and ensuring plenty of traction, even on slippery soil. The articulated chassis and the oscillating ends ensure the ability to take very tight corners without jamming, in such a way as to avoid the pivot turns typical of traditional tracks, which can damage the headline management system (to be restored later) between the crop rows. Another significant characteristic it possesses, compared to traditional tracked tractors, is the comfort it provides, similar to that of a tractor equipped with normal wheels, as well as being homologated for use on the road at a speed of up to 40 Km/h. Available, on request, with the Air pressurised Cab, and certified in Cat. 1 or 4, where the latter guarantees the operator’s total protection from harmful dust, gas and vapours.

Source: Antonio Carraro

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