The Hyster® J60XNL with integrated lithium-ion power has been named a finalist for the International Forklift Truck of the Year (IFOY) award.

The J60XNL breaks new ground as the first counterbalanced lift truck engineered around a fully integrated lithium-ion battery pack.

“While counterbalanced lift trucks with lithium-ion power are available, they come in the form of battery box replacements”

says James Nielson, Product Manager, Hyster Company. “We took a different approach. The J60XNL is designed from the ground up to take advantage of the form factor of lithium-ion battery power, freeing space in the operator compartment and reducing truck weight for significant ergonomic and efficiency benefits.”

The Hyster J60XNL weighs over 700 pounds less than the equivalent lead-acid battery powered model and has a lower center of gravity, offering improved acceleration and maneuverability, while reducing energy consumption. It also offers a lowered seat and floor plate, making entry and exit easier and adding 3.5 inches of head room, while still accommodating a taller seat with air suspension for a more comfortable ride. The integrated lithium-ion design also offers more space under the operator seat to provide increased freedom to position feet during operation.

It brings all the benefits of lithium-ion power to a counterbalanced forklift, including efficiency gains, no battery maintenance requirements, consistent power delivery and long battery life. Opportunity charging and the ability to fully charge in approximately one hour make lithium-ion power an ideal solution for heavy-duty applications. The lithium-ion battery technology is also FDA compliant, with zero emissions in operation and no gassing during the charging process, making it a strong choice for operations subject to high hygiene standards, like food, beverage and pharmaceuticals. The battery can also communicate with the truck and adjust performance based on operating temperature, allowing the J60XNL to operate in a wider range of temperatures than other lithium-ion products.

The J60XNL is known as the Hyster J3.0XNL integrated lithium-ion counterbalanced forklift in Europe. The IFOY competition enters the evaluation phase in February, with testing of all nominated products for productivity, energy efficiency, safety, ergonomics, design and more.

Source: Hyster

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