The quality and efficiency of Carer forklifts is widely appreciated beyond the Ocean: a leading company in timber handling requested their use in extreme working conditions 

Another great success for the avant-garde technology of Carer machines: Eight electric R50H² trucks, with a capacity of 5 tons, were delivered to the company Tromen, one of the main producers of timber in the forests of southern Chile. The machines are equipped with lithium ion batteries for operating in applications dedicated to the movement of wooden boards and panels.

Their use takes place in extreme work situations: they operate even outdoors, often in difficult weather conditions, due to the climatic characteristics of the Chilean region, and in marshy, uneven and irregular soils. They are in fact characterized by the massive presence of gravel, which puts a strain on the tires, and numerous ramps, which the trucks must face at full load. To these logistical difficulties are also added the characteristics of the environment, very dusty and humid, which puts a daily strain on even the most robust and efficient machines.

The effectiveness of Carer electric trucks was therefore immediately verified in the field, obtaining excellent performance even in situations of intensive use and thus guaranteeing a significant increase in the productivity levels of the South American company. The machines, which have already registered over 3,000 hours of use in a few months, operate in a continuous cycle on three work shifts and, given the environmental conditions, are equipped with every comfort for the operators (including the complete cabin with heating and conditioned air). 

Carer R50H² trucks are characterized by a travel speed of 15 km/h and a lifting speed of 0.34 m/s, thanks to the power of 1085 Ah lithium batteries. Developed and designed for handling goods in heavy-duty applications, both indoors and outdoors, they are equipped with an advanced multi-function digital display (AMD) and it is possible to balance battery performance and autonomy in order to obtain the most suitable configuration for the use and driving sensitivity of the operator. Therefore designed to offer an optimal balance between productivity and energy consumption, they also guarantee extremely high reliability: sturdy and of extremely rigid construction, they have been made with a resistant axle, in order to ensure speed, safe handling of bulky loads and high productivity in heavy applications.

Their effective use in the rough terrain of South American forests once again demonstrates that Carer electric trucks are ideal machines to meet any requirement even in extreme conditions.

Source: Carer

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