Soilmec SR-75 Blue Tech, your new cutting edge drilling rig, is the first model of the new  Blue Tech line, the result of the development and improvement of all the advantages of the High Tech line.

SR-75 Blue Tech: it’s Green!

One of its design hallmark is to be focused on the environmental aspects. The most critical part of the rig involved in the duty-cycles was carefully redesigned with a coherent and balanced overall approach related to efficiency and, therefore, to emission reduction. The new set-up saves fuel and time during the working cycle up to about 10 litres (2.6 gal) of fuel per hour or approx 2000 liters (528 gal) per month.

SR-75 Blue Tech:  it’s Effective!

SR-75 Blue Tech drilling rig

Extreme efficiency results in a higher power available for each function; this is the brand new Soilmec SR75 BlueTech design guideline. The electrical system was implemented with 2.0 technology and the hydraulic system has been simplified enabling to use components generously sized. These solutions merged with proportional controls ​and smart positioning of hydraulic components lead to improved response and better calibrated controls of hydraulics for smoother and performing rig operations.

SR-75 Blue Tech: it’s Smart!

The comfort of the cab

The brand new Soilmec SR75 BlueTech is equipped with industry-cutting edge technologies. The DMS 4.0 with a simple navigation menu and intuitive interactive graphics helps the operator in the day to day drilling planning and execution. The many new functions, most of them automatic, support in minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity by making the rig easy to set up and use from the comfort of the cab.

SR-75 Blue Tech: it’s Performing!

Soilmec SR75 BlueTech

The effectiveness of the systems and the solutions adopted to minimize the losses allowed to redesign the main drilling actuators to a top level. Higher force and speed on crowd system, increased ​rated torque on rotary head, up to 281 kNm (207255 lbfft) of rated value, and really new heavy duty main winch grant the brand new Soilmec SR75 BlueTech to get the best mechanical performance in every situation and in the toughest conditions.

SR-75 Blue Tech: it’s ergonomic!

Brand new Soilmec SR75 Blue Tech cab

The brand new Soilmec SR75 Blue Tech cab was designed with utmost care in each and every detail. The seat is perfectly positioned to embrace and deliver optimum ergonomic support to the operator. The rig controls are clearly laid out and located within easy reach to ensure smooth operations and enhanced safety. The SR-75 Blue Tech cab provide maximum accessibility, visibility and comfort. We done it because an operator, who takes pleasure in his work, does a better job.

Source: Soilmec

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