Zoomlion will participate in Samoter with its new range of lifting and logistics products for the European market, at booth F-27-28, outdoor area.

Zoomlion is a world benchmark. In the past year, the brand conquered the European market in with various product ranges through Zoomlion CIFA Europe, the group’s Milan-based company that designs all-terrain truck cranes and city cranes and distributes tower cranes, forklifts and aerial work platform under Zoomlion brand. Reliable and high- performance products that comply with European regulations, thanks to the know-how and experience gained in the EU market, and meet the highest quality standards with components supplied by certified suppliers.

“The interest in and requests for Zoomlion products are increasing more and more. In a sector with an increasingly smaller number of players, an alternative manufacturer provides customers with the opportunity to choose among a wider offering of machines. Mubile cranes, in particular, mark a turning point in this scenario that sees the return of Italy’s production after years of absence”

Commented Marco Polastri, Sales, Aftersales & Marketing Manager of Cifa.

Truck cranes

The 70 t class ATC 960 mobile crane has three axles with a 48 m telematic boom. The 100 t ATC 1000 all-terrain is assembled on 4 axles with a 55 m telematic boom. With the 2-axle city cranes, all these machines are designed and built in Italy, fitted with the best technological solutions and parts exclusively manufactured in Europe. The mobile crane range is completed with two new off-road models: ZRT 600 and ZRT 850, with a 45or 47 meter-boom.

ATC 960 mobile crane

Tower crane

The T7020 Flat-Top tower crane with a maximum boom length of 70 m and a 12/2 t capacity will not be showcased at the fair, but it’s already available and operating in construction sites. This machine is designed in compliance with European standards and has a solid structure to guarantee maximum reliability.

The T7020 Flat-Top tower crane

Forklifts and aerial work platforms

Zoomlion range of forklifts meets the requirements of any company. The range includes 3 or 4-wheelcounterbalanced forklifts with electric motors and lithium-ion battery, Diesel- and LPG-fuelled trucks for outdoor activities. The range showcased will also include warehouse trucks and new aerial working platforms.

Zoomlion forklift

CIFA’s offer is also rounded up by the new range of financial services provided by Zoomlion Capital, the company that offers financial support – e.g. leasing and rental – only to customers and partners of the Zoomlion Group.

Source: Zoomlion

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