ZainoMotore is an accessory to be applied to 1.1-2.0-ton mini-excavators, which are turned into “HYBRIDS”

In fact, in addition to their normal use by diesel power, they operate with 400V mains, prior operator’s selection aboard the machine. ZainoMotore can be fitted onto mini-excavators of any brand name, either NEW or SECOND HAND.

The main advantage of ZainoMotore is that mini-excavators can work without causing any air and acoustic pollution.



The mini-excavator equipped with ZainoMotore increases profitability since it expands its application area: industrial sheds, indoors in general, historical centers where “smoke” and “noises” are not (or should not be) tolerated; ZainoMotore allows the owner of the mini-excavator to use it more extensively.

Source: ZainoMotore

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