New App for easy adjustment and evaluation of blended fertilisers

The mySpreader App is rounded off by a tool that works out setting recommendations for blended fertilisers. This function is called EasyMix.

Different fertilisers are often mixed together to save on the number of applications and reduce operating costs. This is usually a nutrient-based fertiliser application. If the constituents that are mixed together have different physical characteristics, however, the constituents segregate during spreading and are distributed over different working widths.

Placing blended fertilisers accurately becomes increasingly difficult at increasing working widths. Finding the right setting for every constituent is usually impossible. With EasyMix, Amazone now offers a tool that can be used to determine the best possible compromise for different mixtures. The user selects the components that he wants to spread in the selection menu. Afterwards, the selected fertilisers are combined into a blend.

The App then shows how well or badly the individual constituents fit together and whether there is a compromise setting for the materials to be spread. If this is not the case, the user can replace individual blend constituents with others. If the appropriate fertiliser constituents of a blend are found, the App suggests the correct setting values for the spreader. The EasyMix App is part of the new mySpreader App.

For the next expansion stage, a check of the lateral distribution of blended fertilisers will be possible using EasyCheck. Amazone is currently working with partners such as Hochschule Osnabrück, at advancing the image processing so that, within the App, different fertilisers can also be detected on the EasyCheck mats.

Source: Amazone

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