A new dealer operating in the automotive industry joins Carer’s sales network in Germany.

The Carer dealer network in Germany expands, thanks to the recent entry of GS Stapler: the company, founded in 1979, is one of the most important dealers of the Hyster & Yale group and boasts 40 years of experience in the logistics sector and of material handling. With a fleet-hire of 380 trucks, it is able to satisfy any need of its many customers, who operate mainly in the German automotive industry. An aspect that was also favored by its geographical location: the site is in fact located near Lower Saxony, the region where four large Volkswagen plants are located.

GS Stapler has chosen Carer electric trucks to complete its fleet of large-scale battery-powered machines, a range that is absent in almost all other manufacturers.

The need to support heavy workloads by its automotive customers has led GS Stapler’s top management to choose F80HD2 electric trucks, which are widely adapted to meet the demands of the German dealer. Designed to support long working hours with very high performance, the Carer F80HD2 trucks (whose abbreviation means Heavy Duty) are equipped with a new front axle, which allows greater energy efficiency, guaranteeing savings of over 25% on the cycle of VDI test.

Thanks to the super-steering axle, the remarkable compactness and the maximum comfort of the driving position, they are trucks suitable for particularly heavy and heavy applications even in confined spaces.

From the technical point of view they are equipped with two 15 Kw high rpm traction motors and a 45 Kw lifting motor. They are able to reach a maximum traction speed of 20 km/h and a higher acceleration even than diesel-powered trucks. The position of the 1475 Ah battery between the wheels allows an easy and rapid lateral extraction, greatly facilitating the operations of change.

The possibility to adjust the parameters of trucks, through an advanced multi-function display, also allows you to customize the settings of the machine according to the applications and habits of the operators, balancing their performance in terms of high performance or long working hours.

The new electric trucks will soon be in service, after the new dealer has concluded, in addition to the technical training already carried out, also the commercial one, helping to strengthen Carer’s presence in the world of materials handling.

Source: Carer

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