The robust Sennebogen 9300 E has been working in Italy since October 2019.

After the environmentally friendly transport by water across the Danube, the machine celebrates its debut in its elegant and practical design in the Italian port of Brindisi, located in the southern Italian region of Puglia.

The 9300 E Harbour Mobile Crane is exceptional in terms of its size and performance. It is a true power house, that has been designed for continuous operation: With a boom length of 40 meters and a 563 kW motor it now started its new duties in the Italian port of Brindisi. The machine was delivered to Sir Spa in Brindisi by Cesaro Mac Import Srl, Sennebogen’s official Italian sales and service partner. The green “giant” first undertook an elaborate journey on the Danube route to Constanta in Romania before being set up in its destination. There the crane was reloaded and then transported by sea to Brindisi.

Moreover, the 9300 E is a modern Harbour Mobile Crane with an operating radius of 40 meters and a lifting capacity of up to 90 tonnes, specially designed for handling general cargo and bulk material. The harbour mobile crane concept is an attractive solution for many ports as the machine can be moved flexibly at the edge of the pier and its performance covers a wide range of different applications.

Thanks to the large boom length, the crane is used for handling various bulk materials on ships up to Panamax class and is used for container handling on Feeder ships. In Brindisi, the crane proved its high bulk material handling performance in the first weeks after delivery.

The new owners based their decision buying the 9300 E on a number of reasons, including Sir’s trust in Sennebogen’s already well-known material handling solutions: the company has been working successfully with an 850 material handler for several years. The resulting good relationship with its distribution partner Cesaro Mac Import encouraged those responsible to continue to rely on the Italian dealer’s service and support in the future.

Operator comfort: Working safely with a fantastic view over the port

Particularly noteworthy is the height adjustment of the Portcab. At a viewing height of 21.2 meters, the operator has an excellent panoramic view of the entire working area from his comfortable and spacious cab. In addition, the height-adjustable cab can be moved over the ship’s loading area, allowing the operator to look into the hold without having to rely solely on cameras. The additionally installed cameras offer the operator even more safety when precise loading work is required in the ship’s hull. The operator safely and conveniently accesses the cab entrance at a height of nine meters via a safe system consisting of just a few stairs.

Designed for continuous operation and ease of maintenance

The 9300 E is working 24 hours a day without interruption in the port of Brindisi and therefore has to be extremely powerful and robust. Its maintenance is notably user-friendly thanks to the machine’s design: when building the Harbour Mobile Crane, Sennebogen paid attention to the ease of maintenance and accessibility to the machine components. The accessible and spacious Powerpack unit directly behind the winch house allows easy servicing of the motor, and all control and analysis units can be reached conveniently. During installation, it is possible to mount the Powerpack and the winch house in two separate module units. Thanks to the roof of the Powerpack, that can be opened up comfortably, maintenance of larger components is safe and particularly easy. Another plus, according to the Sir operators, is the simplicity of the crane’s design, which works with relatively little electronics on board – in line with the Sennebogen motto: “No over-engineering”.

Souce: Sennebogen

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