On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Amazone crop protection technology, AMAZONE has presented the Black Pantera 4503  50 as a limited edition model at Agritechnica 2019. Like its namesake from the animal world, this limited edition Pantera comes in black and anthracite. The Black Pantera is equipped with intelligent vehicle and crop protection technology.

Powerful and energy-efficient engine technology that is Stage 5 emission compliant, the core of the self-propelled Black Pantera 4503  50 is the powerful Deutz 6-cylinder engine rated at 218 HP power. The in-line engine, with turbocharger and intercooler for maximum performance requirements, ensures minimum fuel consumption achieved by intelligent engine control in ECO mode. However, if more power is required, for example when working on hilly terrain, the driver has the POWER mode available. The Pantera 4503 complies with Stage 5 emission level regulations.

SmartCenter operator station with Comfort-Pack 2

SmartCenter, with its induction bowl and complete operator station, is located under the grey cover on the left-hand side. Comfort-Pack 2 on the Black Pantera, with its TwinTerminal down at the operator station, makes operations of the machine even easier.

The standard version includes an automated filling stop for suction filling. This is also available for pressure filling from a bowser. During application, the agitation control regulates the intensity of agitation depending on the tank fill level. The agitation intensity is automatically reduced in relation to the fill level until it is switched off completely. After application, Comfort-Pack 2 facilitates automatic cleaning, controlled completely from the cab. The Black Pantera is equipped with an additional water flushing pump that facilitates continuous cleaning.

ContourControl boom guidance with SwingStop

The Black Pantera has the 36 m Super-L2 boom, equipped with ContourControl active boom control and SwingStop vibration dampening. The new, active ContourControl boom guidance by Amazone offers innovative technology that fulfils the requirements of higher working speeds with the highest application precision. So that the horizontal boom position adapts to the highest demands, AMAZONE also offers SwingStop active vibration damping as a special option for the ContourControl boom guidance.

GPS-Switch pro with AmaSelect individual nozzle control

The application technology of the Black Pantera includes AmaSelect automated individual nozzle control in conjunction with GPS-Switch pro software in the AmaPad 2. Thanks to the 50 cm part-width sections, this combination facilitates the very accurate nozzle shut-off in wedge-shaped fields and on headlands. If a nozzle change is required, it can be accomplished simply by the press of a button on the terminal. The new application options, such as of the AmaSelect Spot application, the band spraying system, AmaSelect Row and the AmaSelect CurveControl intelligent nozzle changeover, can also be used with the Black Pantera.

Additional optional equipment for added convenience on the Black Pantera

The Black Pantera has an automated steering system thanks to the AmaPad 2, the AGI-4 GPS receiver and the Steer-ready pack. The LED workstation lighting, the comfortable seat and the central lubrication system installed in the Black Pantera also make working with this special model very comfortable.

Source: Amazone

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