At the Agritechnica exhibition, AMAZONE presented its successor to AmaPad – the AmaPad 2 ISOBUS operator terminal.

AmaPad 2 features a high-resolution, high-contrast and low-reflection 12.1″multi-touch display and the innovative MiniView concept. In this case, applications that the user is not currently using, but would like to monitor, are displayed in miniature at the side of the screen. If necessary, the user can change the application very quickly by a swipe of the finger. Quick access keys and the possibility of displaying an individual virtual instrument panel round off the user ergonomics. In comparison with AmaPad, AmaPad 2 has significantly higher computing power and a higher screen touch sensitivity. This allows an improved reaction to touch and therefore even more convenient operation. The modern design with its extremely small border and the very slender thickness make the terminal appear compact. Its compact dimensions mean that it can be easily integrated into any tractor.

It offers a comprehensive level of specification and leaves nothing to be desired: In addition to machine operation, AmaPad 2 has various software modules in the standard version.

Task Controller available as standard – Schedule orders, open them on the terminal, and document the operation. In the universal ISO XML format, of course. Or just save the changes made and export them easily to a PC. Thanks to Task Controller, application maps can also be loaded and processed in the ISO XML format. AmaPad 2 has two USB interfaces for importing and exporting data quickly and securely.

GPS-Switch pro available as standard – The automatic headland and part-width section control for AMAZONE machines with up to 128 part-width sections. In addition to automatic control, the large touch interface also lets the driver switch over to manual part-width section control at any time, which is of particular advantage during bed treatments, amongst other options.

GPS-Maps pro available as standard – Apply only what is actually required. With GPS-Maps pro, application maps can be loaded and processed in a Shapefile format. GPS-Track pro available as standard – In order to facilitate orientation on the field, AmaPad 2 provides a visual parallel guidance aid, including an optical display. In conjunction with the Pantera, this version can be upgraded to GPS-Track Auto, the automatic track guidance system.

Of course, AmaPad 2 can also be equipped with a camera module. Two standard camera inputs on the terminal ensure that no blind spots remain unmonitored. The camera images can be conveniently monitored in the MiniView and enlarged with a swipe of the finger if required.

Advantages of AmaPad 2 at a glance:

  • Particularly low-reflection, 12.1″ multi-touch colour display
  • Equipped at high-end level as standard with Task Controller, GPS-Maps pro, GPS-Track pro and GPS-Switch pro
  • Expanded MiniView concept
  • Upgrade to automatic steering is possible thanks to the automatic GPS-Track Auto track guidance
  • Day-night mode
  • Two 2.0 USB interface ports for data exchange
  • Wi-Fi module via USB adapter enables remote maintenance via the Internet
  • Interface for the connection of sensors via SCU-L-adapter (e.g. for N-sensors)
  • GPS interface
  • 2 camera inputs
  • Light sensor for the optimum adjustment of the display

Source: Amazone

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