Since the beginning of the year, the Viela Export GmbH team has been impressed by the tremendous dedication, performance and efficiency of its newest member. The newly acquired port specialist, the 855 E Series material handler from SENNEBOGEN, is a versatile machine that has really come into its own in the port of Vierow.

“We needed an efficient, agile and mobile material handler that we could use both in our storage yards and to load ships”

says Henning Bligenthal, CEO of Viela Export GmbH about the decision to purchase the 855 E material handler from SENNEBOGEN. “We handle 1 million tons of bulk agricultural goods every year, 150,000 tons of which we process with the grab. It was absolutely essential for us to think about reducing costs and saving energy.

These are the precise words used to describe the 855 E material handler, equipped with the well-established SENNEBOGEN Green Hybrid energy recovery system. When the boom is lowered, gas gets compressed in a nitrogen piston accumulator at the rear of the machine. This stored energy can then be reused during the next process with the help of an additional hydraulic cylinder.

As opposed to smaller system solutions with gas compression directly inside the cylinder, the SENNEBOGEN Green Hybrid System boasts a separate accumulator module at the rear of the machine. The result? A significant reduction in the engine power required and a machine that is able to work with almost constant power throughout the cylinder cycle.

What is important in a port? Range, endurance and safety.

It was not just the energy-saving potential that was decisive in the choice of machine.

“The versatility of SENNEBOGEN machines played a big part. We were able to configure a material handler that met our requirements to the letter!”

exclaims Bligenthal. A customized solution was designed in conjunction with SENNEBOGEN sales and service partner SWECON – an 855 E with a long-lasting 231 kW diesel engine, a 2 meter pylon extension for a better view into the ship’s hull and a 20 meter banana equipment solution which allows the operator to work even at the lowest points along the ship’s hull.

The comfortable Maxcab, which can be elevated and moved forwards, keeps the operator safe and comfortable, and provides a viewing height of up to 7.5 meters. The gallery around the uppercarriage and the platform by the cab also contribute significantly to the operator’s safety, making access to the cab and the maintenance areas much easier.

Source: Sennebogen

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