The Spanish Exporters Association of Agricultural Machinery and its Components, Greenhouses and Crop Protection, Irrigation Systems, Livestock Equipment, Nutrition and Animal Health and Post-Harvesting Equipments (AGRAGEX) had organized a business trip to South Africa and Mozambique from the 13th to the 17th of May 2019.

Ten Spanish companies involved in the agricultural sector have taken part, mostly members of the association.

The participant companies in the commercial trip were the following ones: Chamsa, Sembradoras Gil, Rábita Agrotextil, RKD, Novagric, Grupo Armando Álvarez, Agrator, Altuna Hermanos, Grupo Sanz, and Criado y López.

AGRAGEX had different goals in each country.

In South Africa, the Spanish Association is trying to consolidate its position in this market, increase the exports of its members and introduce the companies that have never travelled to this country before.

In Mozambique, the aim is to follow up the situation of the agricultural sector in the country after our visit five years ago and to take the opportunities that can come up, being aware of the situation and size of the country.

During the five days in which the business trip has taken place, the Spanish participants have met local importers and distributors in an intense working plan that began on the 13th of May in Johannesburg (South Africa) and continued at the NAMPO show in Bothaville.

“AGRAGEX organizes this delegation with the strong conviction that South Africa must be a stable market for our companies”

stated Irantzu Prado, a Foreign trade technician. “South Africa is a great cereal producer, is one of the leading exporters of fruits and vegetables and produces very well-known wines.

This makes the country a very interesting market for our companies but also a difficult and demanding one where we have to compete not only with our competitors but also with local producers. When approaching the South African market we must think about our most state of the art solutions.

“Following our efforts to be present in Africa we will also visit Mozambique to follow up our last visit. The country has still a lot to do and we can offer more appropriate and suitable solutions to their needs”, he continued.

Two countries, two different goals

South Africa is the most stable economy of the continent and has a very well established agricultural sector, sales, and distribution channels. It is also a great fruit and vegetable producer. Doing business in South Africa does not differ a lot from the European way, this makes the country even more attractive and safe for our companies.

The visit to Mozambique has a very different goal for AGRAGEX. Agricultural mechanization is not very developed, but our companies can still offer suitable solutions.


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