In July 2019 with heavy hearts, family-owned firm Finkbeiner KG, based deep in Germany’s the Black Forest, parted company with their faithful companion, an 835 SENNEBOGEN C-series material handler.

With a new 835 E-series material handling solution, the Baden-Württemberg company has taken the first step in refreshing its log yard. With sales and service partner Schlüter für Baumaschinen, the exchange of the machines could be implemented smoothly within four days.

Having operated for a total of 55,000 hours, the 2003 C-series material handler was starting to show its age. However, the case of Finkbeiner KG once again proved why electrical solutions from SENNEBOGEN are so popular: the longevity of the machines means that they more than pay for themselves. Material handlers with electric engines have the advantage of being cheaper to run than those with diesel engines, electricity costing less than diesel. Services costs are also reduced to a minimum as service intervals are much longer and there are no filters or oil to change. Refuelling stops no longer interrupt company productivity. All the reasons why electric material handlers are ideal for day-to-day operations. 

Intelligent and efficient use of space

Conventional log yards often have to deal with the challenge of confined space and need to efficiently coordinate machine routes and storage areas. At Finkbeiner, a creative solution was found 16 years ago, thanks mainly to the natural surroundings of the Black Forest.

The company is located in a narrow gorge in the low mountain range and a rail gantry with integrated trolley has been installed around the timber store. In places, the rails are attached directly to the rocks. Once attached, the material handler can move forwards, backwards and sideways, making it flexible and allowing it to almost float around the 3,600 m² sites. 

835 C-series: Finkbeiner's previous model at work

Sustainability a top priority for Finkbeiner

“Sustainable management is very close to our hearts”

says Andreas Finkbeiner, Managing Partner at Finkbeiner KG. “We are a PEFCTM certified company and only process timber from sustainable reforestation sources. We keep our production emissions down with the electric 835 from SENNEBOGEN, and also thanks to the short distance the timber has to be transported to our conveniently located storage area in the Black Forest. This is very important to us, as we have a big responsibility to get things right for future generations!”

No need to compromise between performance and sustainability

Upgrading to an E-series has done something to the performance. The previous 132 kW electric engine has been replaced by a powerful 160 kW version. To efficiently handle timber at the exposed heights that Finkbeiner does, the timber specialists decided to use a 19-meter ‘banana’ type boom. It makes it much easier to grab logs that are further away and lower down. 

“It was time to change to a new model. We are looking forward to being even more productive with the SENNEBOGEN 835 E-series!”

Finkbeiner explains further. 

Source: Sennebogen

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