Atlas Copco Power Technique launched a high-pressure booster range to the market. The booster enables operators to increase the pressure of their primary compressors for better productivity on the job site, offering solutions up to 5,000 PSI.

The new booster range is comprised of five standard Tier 4 Final models and 11 models for less-regulated countries. They are designed to work across several industries, including exploration drilling, geothermal drilling and pipeline services. All dual stage boosters come standard with the ability to also operate in single stage, offering the most flexibility.

“The Atlas Copco boosters are great for several industries. For instance, in drilling, they enable the operator to efficiently increase drilling speed, reduce the cost per meter drilled and improve overall profitability,” says Clayton Jones, the product manager for portable compressors at Atlas Copco Power Technique. “These machines have everything a company needs, from performance to simplified maintenance and safety.”

The new XC4004 controller panel allows for quick at-a-glance monitoring of all vital parameters. The panel also features an audible, visual alarm and a remote mirror capability so operators can control their boosters from a distance to help increase on site efficiency. Atlas says previous models used an analog control panel. The XC4004 offers an interface that is simpler to use.

Designed by Atlas Copco, the pumper block is the “heartbeat of the booster package,” the company says. It connects to the engine with a flexible coupling, allowing the pumper block to easily detach for service. Depending on the booster and compression stages needed, the pumper block comes in either four or six cylinders.

With a greatly reduced size and weight of the booster portfolio, the units have been designed to be easily transported, even in remote locations. Maintenance of all valves is designed to allow completion in four hours or less.


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