The Aussie experts in all things roof storage and beyond, Rhino-Rack, are proud to present their comprehensive guide to the ultimate tradie rigfor the on-site professional who cares not only about performance, but durability in the face of long standing use. With a wide range of work solutions, ranging from conduits, carriers, ladders, accessories, tools and of course, roof-racks, Rhino-Rack have what your job-site is calling for.

Pioneer Tradie
(2128mm x 1426mm)

The Pioneer Tradie is designed to transport ladders, pipes and other work-related products like timber on your 4WD or utility. Made from reinforced nylon and aluminium the Pioneer Tradie stands up to the toughest conditions you can throw at it. The powder coated outer coating is non-corrosive and will not allow the Tradie colour to fade in the sun. Choose the Pioneer Tradie for work and adventure because it works as hard as you.

Rapid Locking Straps
(5.5m / 18ft)

The Rhino-Rack range of Rapid Locking Straps are a quick, easy and safe way to secure your load. Each strap features a lockable cover, PU coated wire encased through the length of the strap, and a rubberised, corrosion resistant cam buckle. Tested to Australian Standards (AS4380:2001) and Masterfit key compatible, choose Rhino-Rack quality when ensuring the integrity of your load.

Conduit Clamp Set (2pcs) and Conduit Carrier

The BC2 Conduit Clamp Set will adapt a 100mm (4″) Conduit Carrier to a Rhino-Rack Heavy Duty Bar. With 2 sturdy clamps, simply mount the conduit above or below the bar. The P30-100 Conduit Carrier on the other hand is 3 metres long, and 100mm in diameter. This Conduit Carrier with Ribbed Conduit End Caps also provides maximum security with its built in Masterkey compatible steel lock.

Ladder Rack

Whether you’re an electrician, plumber, builder or a handyman – you’ll need a ladder rack to carry your ladder. The Ladder Rack (2.6m / 8.5ft) is a fully OH&S compliant and rigorously crash tested ladder rack system. It features a rear roller that will allow you to effortlessly load and unload your step ladder, to ensure no hassles when on the tools.

Adjustable Load Holder (Heavy Duty Bar)

The Rhino-Rack Load Holder is designed so that you can secure your load in position, to prevent sliding in transit and possibly damaging other items you have mounted to your roof racks. The RLH1 is designed to fit Rhino-Rack’s Heavy Duty Bars.

The Ultimate Rhino-Rack Tradie Rig is just a click away—you’ll be shocked at just how many options Rhino-Rack have for the professional tradesman.

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