Pick & carry cranes are in high demand and Terex Cranes has ramped up production at its Brisbane, Australia location to keep up with the needs of its customers. In the month June 2018, Terex delivered 15 new pick & carry cranes; 13 units went to customers in Australia, one was delivered to a customer in Brazil and another to a customer in South Africa.

According to Danny Black, general manager for Terex Cranes in Australia, June was one of the company’s highest production months since 2014. “The whole team worked diligently throughout the month to manufacture the cranes,” he explained. “Producing 15 pick & carry cranes in one month is a huge accomplishment, and it is encouraging to see an increase in demand.

The pick & carry cranes delivered in June were a mix of Terex® AT 22 and Terex MAC 25-4 models. Both models are easy to operate, can handle heavy loads, offer flexible steering in tight spaces and can travel at highway speeds.

We’re grateful to the customers who took delivery of a new Terex pick & carry cranes this past month. We know they will be happy with the quality and productivity their new cranes,” added Danny.

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